Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday April 4th 2011

The newborn eaglets. Waiting for the third egg to hatch here.

Amazing vid of inside a human bod from top to toes

Source Data for Photography/12:31 from Croix Gagnon on Vimeo.

Fukushima Twitter stream

Escaping the tsunami

Not only the tsunami but then the devastation of radiation from Fukushima

Doctors on why they avoid naked body scanners at the airport

Kenjiro Matsuo installation

Polar bears and dogs playing 

Cat Adopts Baby Squirrels

Iceland seeks to become sanctuary for free speech

The Secret Life Of A Mouse In Pictures

So cool to see Nightingale classmate, Carol Vogel, interviewed on Charlie Rose. How elegant and sophisticated she looks and sounds.

aww, pathetically and likably whispery:Donkey the Cat caught barking at birds

Wow. Bill Dan Rock Sculpture & Balance Artist in Sausalito, CA.  

From Vintagraph, vintage posters

Water Babies, No, she cannot be dirty

The Water Babies: The last of the gairfowl

The Water Babies: Tom Sat Upon the Buoy Long Days

National Parks Preserve Wild Life

A glimpse of New York's dry goods district

Antonio Petruccelli Special Print

Balloon Over France

Bird's Eye View of New York City: 1879

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