Saturday, June 11, 2011

Overcast Saturday June 11th 2011

How Deaf People Think

Thousands of old photographs from across Africa
- as seen by British colonial staff stationed there -
 have been digitised by The National Archives 
 and put online, in the hope that the public can help identify 
 some of the people, places and customs captured on film.

India Untouched - Stories of a People Apart
Synopsis: “India Untouched - Stories of a People Apart” is perhaps the 
most comprehensive look at Untouchability ever undertaken on film. 
Director Stalin K. spent four years traveling the length and breadth of 
the country to expose the continued oppression of "Dalits", the 
"broken people" who suffer under a 4000-year-old religious system.

An Open Letter to Stephen Fry (Original Song)

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