Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer, the poetry of light. Mesmerized by light on water patterns

Dappled, dimpled, sun spangled, reflecting, rippled,
those fluid patterns mesmerize and fill me with peaceful joy.
Sunlit Stream on the Oregon Coast - via

Carved Book by Guy Laramee

Claude Monet, La Grenouillère During the summer of 1869, Monet and Renoir set up 

their easels at La Grenouillère, a boating and bathing resort on the Seine, not far from Paris. 

Untitled by Toni Sirera
Lake-Boat-Wake by Barbara Kemp Cowlin
Fishing boats - Anneliese Clarke

Conversation by Jamie Wayman 
The Mediterranean, 1895 by Nikolai Nikanorovich Dubovskoy
Night on the Southern Shore (1898) by Nikolay Dubovskoy
Mirror-Lake 1929 by Franklin Carmichael
"La piel del agua" by Karen Kruse 2012 
painting by Jamie Wayman
Poplars on the Epte by Claude Monet
Autumn Ripples, photograph by Tony Hadley
"Along in Nature" by Ellen Dittebrandt 2011, sadly, her obituary, killed while riding her bicycle
Cobalt Blue Water by Flickr user cobalt123 
Skrikstract, photograph by John Kosmopoulos
Silence by Nikolay Dubovskoy
The Rainbow (1892) by Nikolay Dubovskoy
Seascape by Nikolay Dubovskoy 
watercolor by Colleen Nash Becht
"Blue cool Creek" by Ellen Dittebrandt
Sunset on Rock Creek Bay - Picture of Lake Powell, Utah by David Drummond

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Been having a rough time with my health for the last 6 months, am in need of help

Victoria's emergency survival

So sorry to ask for help. I prefer to offer help to others. Overwhelming cancer fatigue from the 3 types of cancer, asthma and an unusual amount of rain this year prevented me from street vending enough to get back on my feet after living off my savings for the Winter. 

I'm in a desperate situation. Literally, any donation would be profoundly appreciated. And if you do offer anything, thank you with all my heart.