Monday, October 4, 2010

Scattered and okay with that

madamjujujive prompted me tonight to blog and I've been in the mood lately. So here goes, again, after a year and a half.

It's a rainy, gloomy day here in Hell's Kitchen. Night now but that rain hangover feeling.

I miss the night sky, real stars. Need to go the country long enough to see the Milky Way as I did this summer. Comparing a city sky with a country sky.

So I was reading this Reddit post today about a guy who found a tracking device on his car when he took it to the shop to get it fixed and am pretty appalled to know that the driveway of a house is considered public and therefore it's not illegal to plant a tracking device. The thread included this link to a divorcenet advice site about snooping, what's legal and what is not.

It's too early, I know, but I like Christmas songs all year round. This one is very silly. MeFite puny human thinks it's Leon Redbone but I think it's somebody else. It reminds me of that Singing Horses thing at the beginning of the internet, well, 10 years ago. Funny, to think of 10 years ago as so long in internet time.

Wow, what a bedroom.

Have noticed that the word, pareidolia, one that I'd never heard of until a couple of years ago, is increasingly commonplace on the web?

So happy to read that now one can order blood tests online. Life Extension Foundation blood tests are even better. No pooh poohing by a doctor about it not being necessary. If I'd only been able to do this as I wanted, way back in the 1990's I could have nipped the 3 cancers I'm dealing with in the bud. I always wanted to take cancer blood tests and was not permitted by any doctor I went to. And it's so affordable!

Omg, I didn't think of using carrot juice in making rice. Sounds delicious.

Su Blackwell's cut book art is just my cup of awesome. Brian Dettmer meets Cornell meets Peter Callesen.

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