Friday, February 25, 2011

Theodora Keogh

Remembering Theodora Keogh today. Loved her Meg and now curious about her other books. She seemed to have a fierce dislike of publicity. I can't help wondering if she didn't grow up with pathologically narcissistic family abuse and this was an inspiration for some of her writing.

Theodora Keogh on Wikipedia.

Her obit in January Magazine. By Brooks Peters. By Judy Laddon. A pic of the margay

that chewed off Theodora's ear in The Chelsea Hotel. A marvelous, elegantly simple sketch of Theodora asleep by her husband, Tom Keogh.

Theodora Keogh on Google Books.

Curious now, as a happy tangent, via Judy Laddon's blog to read Sally: A True Story
The Older Woman's Illustrated Guide to Self-Improvement

Apparently, Sally had a ménage à trois with Theodora and her husband, Tom Keogh.

Pics of Theodora on Google Images.

A beautiful blog post about Theodora on the Brooks Peters' site.


  1. Nice post!
    I've read all of Theodora's books and have a few signed first editions.

    Also, I have some pics of Theodora as well as drawings/art by her husband Tom here:

    Dave Kiersh

  2. Oh wow, thanks for your kind comment Dave.

    It's so nice, and a lovely surprise, to share enjoyment of an author I assumed was more or less unknown and unfairly neglected.

    I was delighted to hear from Brooks Peters as well about this post, what a treat.

    Am looking forward to reading more of Theodora's books. It's quite amazing to realize she has a following but, then again, completely understandable.

    I love your wonderful album of Tom Keogh's art and joined your FaceBook group, "tom and theodora keogh". Thanks for the invitation.

    Victoria aka Nicky