Monday, March 7, 2011

"If you've ever wondered what all those strange modes on your camera do, this may answer your questions"

More cute miniflicks from SheepFilms

"My name is Anna and this is my final for a college level sign language class. I am not deaf and still learning sign language and encourage others to learn sign language as well! Thank you so much for all the love"

Always love those glass holders for tea (or coffee).

Toulouse Lautrec having a poop.

From the Iconic Photos site
"In 1898, the Parisian art gallery owner Maurice Joyant photographed his childhood friend defecating on the beach at Le Crotoy, Picardie. The series of photos would have been forgotten, had Joyant’s friend not been Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the acclaimed French painter. Their intention in taking these photos — and later allowing them to be published in postcard form — was unclear, but these photographs remain the earliest photographic testaments to celebrities behaving dubiously, a century before Internet made such indiscretions well-known and widespread."

"Scene from 'Visit to Picasso', a documentary by Paul Haesaert "

"'Visite � Picasso' is a classic documentary by dir. Paul Haesaerts which features the frequently used footage of Picassopainting on glass while a camera films him from the other side. The trick of filming thru glass allows the viewer to witness Picasso's true genius as he paints his famous Torros with just a few well-placed brushstrokes. Shot in beautiful black and white in Picasso's home inVallauris, the film is a poetic treatment of the master-painter. This captivating film is a must see for anyone interested in art.

Like picasso, this film follows its own rules; Not so much a documentary, "Visit to Picasso is more of a rough portrait of Pablo and tons of great footage of his studio in vallauris accompanied by moody organ music. The absence of a story line is compensated by Frank Silvera factual narration (dubbed English narration by William Patrick), putting Picasso's art in historical perspective."

One of my favorite movies, ever, Picasso drawing and the image keeps transforming.

This charming story telling by a young French girl. I love the juiciness of her telling.

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