Friday, March 11, 2011

Japanese 8.9 earthquake and tsunami

Best news so far, Al Jazeera Live

Live news in English. YoKoSoNews.

Live news in Japanese

CNN website re this situation

Photographs of the Japanquake

Japan's quake updated to a magnitude 9.0.

About Japan. It's population is 127 million. Half the country is in danger. That's 65 million people.

You can send donations to help Japan here, American Red Cross.

Why did the earthquake happen here?

National Data Buoy Center Pacific Tsunami Warning Center


Comparison of earthquake sizes "This is the biggest earthquake to hit Japan in at least 300 years."

Map of this earthquake

Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake

Timeline, a century of killer quakes

West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
 Japanese newsroom during earthquake Tsunami warning for Hawaii

  Map of Japanquake

  Map of Philippines expected to be impacted by tsunami

  Photographs of the earthquake and tsunami

Kessanuma on fire

Pacific Ocean Floor Affects Tsunami Propagation

Tsunami Wave Height Model Shows Pacific-Wide Impact

MetaFilter thread on the topic

"Half of Japan is safe, half is not."

"Aftershocks still happening. Magnitude 5.0. Still the possibility of another tsunami. Over 100 earthquakes just happened." 
 streaming Japanese new

Tsunami makes its way to Emeryville, CA (SF area)

Tsunami makes its way to Emeryville, CA (SF area)
station, in English.

The Big Picture images.

The impact of the earthquake that hit Japan this morning shifted the earth’s rotation axis is nearly 10 inches.

The "supermoon" thoughts. 

7.2 quake in Japan, analysis of current situation globally - 

March 9, 2011

Google resources: 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Fukushima, Japan - Nuclear Reactor Explosion - March 12, 2011

Video of liquefaction during Niigata Earthquake 1964

A damaged boat is seen after being dragged onto dry land by a tsunami which hit a small bay of Coliumo, near the coastal city of Concepcion, on the Pacific coast of Chile, March 12, 2011. REUTERS/Stringer

Video Shows Tsunami Hitting City of Kamaishi

Citizen Tube, a YouTube channel with a collection of videos connected with the tsunami and earthquake in Japan

Vivid video of the tsunami wave

Mashable interactive map with YouTube videos and more

Excellent rollover before and after

Another excellent rollover before and after, a number of pics.

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