Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainy Thursday in Hell's Kitchen

My kind of mischief. A vintage, 1965, Kannada dance vid mixed with a Michael Jackson soundover.

The original (colorized) vid from Satya Harischandra is pretty fun too

Love this sentimental and inspiring commercial about elderly men celebrating their recently deceased motorcycle riding friend by taking a bike ride in his honor.

Enjoying the Grace Archives Etsy shop.

Hoxie House at Sandwich, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Vintage Print by Artist Eric Sloane
    Artist: Eric Sloane

 Clouds Over American Canyons
Artist: Eric Sloane
                                                                                                        Memories of My Childhood Summer Place
                                                                                            Artist: Eric Sloane

ABComics by Lucy Knisley, print available here.

from the fun Archie McPhee silly stuff

Make your Future

Torre de Babel

Materialización del equilibrio cósmico

Love me tender

Feel Good everything at the awesome Dark Roasted Blend

Wonderful pencil necklace by Iris Tsante

nifty type of photography, photographs as paintings by Cedric Canard 

"Grant Wood saw a house in Iowa that he decided to paint along with “the kind of people I fancied should live in that house.” He chose his sister and his dentist."

omg. And here's the house. 


silly pens

Collection of animal fights videos. Most are very tame and plenty are funny.

Lots of odd little vids there, like

whoa, finally the back of comics books come true, X-ray vision using the 

Sony Hi8 NightShot "X-Ray vision" infrared camera

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