Tuesday, March 8, 2011

South African dance

Shangaan electro  | Shangaan Electro and the Tshe Tsha Boys.

Tshetsha Boys - Uya Kwihi Ka Rose | Tshetsha Boys - Nwa Pfundla  | Xibelani dance |  tshetsha.

Such a great mix of tribal and electro

Shangaan dancing skirt

About the Shangaan people.  South African ethnic groups and language.

South African Music (Dikgomo)   

Gumboot dancers in South Africa

A short documentary about Gumboot dancing

Madosini Manqina - Queen of South Africa's Pondoland Music   

"We journey into rural Limpopo to meet with one of the fathers of Shangaan music, General MD Shirinda. A legend in the industry, Shirinda continues to be a successful gigging and recording artist. But the music is changing as the youth seek faster electro sounds -- something Shirinda's son, Ndongwe is producing. We explore the old and new, within the space of the Shirinda homestead."

"...the amazing story of how Shangaan music went electro, and then global. Our travels took us to the rural homes of some of the oldest artists, and back to Jo'burg where we spoke to Nozinga, the producer behind the new wave of Shangaan music, which is taking the world by storm."

A cool blog page about the Tse-Tsha boys and the 'Real Actions' Pantsula dance crew at Chris Saunders' great blog.

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