Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still roaming around the wonderful, but unfortunately named, Japanese National Diet Library, savoring the images.

Ah, those evocative Edo paintings, that cobalt blue.

Sublime Zen simplicity, such a mastery of that Buddhist
there <--> not there
play of existing and not existing.

A children's book illustration with poppies and poppy pods. That child looks a bit oppressed by the flowers. Maybe it's one of those Little Shop of Horrors ones.

I love old story books, especially ones with Asian tales.

Charming to see Dr. Doolittle in Japanese.

I like the dreamy quality of this illustration, not too much detail, room for imagining.

Lovely starkness. Fresh and lean.

Deco elegant minimalism.

I wish I'd seen the world when it wasn't so American, been an explorer then.

Love those skeletal ship silhouettes.

Such a robustly yellow fruit. After finding this I dug into a most delectable pineapple that had been ripening on the fridge top, juicy, fragrant and satisfying.

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