Thursday, March 17, 2011

tick tock will the nuclear reactor in Fukushima blow today or later? Also it's St. Paddy's

Excellent resource list re Japan crisis situation.

Worst case scenario thoughts.

Driving into the tsunami. omg. Via. the driver survived. After the first wave receded he got out and went to higher ground.

Back to low tech post tsunami.
Japan earthquake, the struggle to recover. Excellent pics at In Focus.

Explaining the nightmare mess at Fukushima to kids with subtitles

Top UK Scientist Lays Out His Fukushima Worst Case Scenario

Foreigners flee Japan

Original trololo

trololo cat

Indians drunk dancing

Indians drunk dancing to dubstep

Fusion: Brazilian guitar and classic Indian vocals

Injection May Help Treat PTSD

 @freenyt, a three-hour old Twitter feed that intends to tweet all the Times stories.

Danger of Spent Fuel Outweighs Reactor Threat

"Years of procrastination in deciding on long-term disposal of highly radioactive fuel rods from nuclear reactors are now coming back to haunt Japanese authorities as they try to control fires and explosions at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.
Some countries have tried to limit the number of spent fuel rods that accumulate at nuclear power plants — Germany stores them in costly casks, for example, while Chinese nuclear reactors send them to a desert storage compound in western China’s Gansu province. But Japan, like the United States, has kept ever larger numbers of spent fuel rods in temporary storage pools at the power plants, where they can be guarded with the same security provided for the power plant."
Devastation. And now in the snow and freezing cold.

Devastation. Loss after loss. and freezing with no home, no food, no water and no blankets.

Devastation. Loss after loss in the snow and dark.

Then the fear of radiation contamination.

The value of a bicycle in a disaster.

Tragedy in Japan. Adult and child dead.

Meanwhile, in another part of the same planet. Rainbow cloud over Everest.

Summer Crocs look good

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