Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday after the earthquake/tsunami in Japan

Japan Earthquake Relief posters

Japan crisis news in English

How to help pets in Japan

"Medicine and supplies will be desperately needed in the disaster zone, according toWorld Vets, a nonprofit organization that provides global veterinary aid. World Vets is collecting veterinary supplies and medicines through the group's website, including de-worming medicines, vaccinations, fluid replacements, wound treatments, cages and cash donations. The donations will be used to assist the first-responder team the organization will establish to house and treat injured and lost animals. According to the group's Facebook page, World Vets representatives headed into the disaster zone on Sunday to start rescuing animals.

Meanwhile, a disaster assessment and response team from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) will leave for Japan on Tuesday with a goal of helping the pets that cannot join their human families in disaster shelters. The WSPA also says, "several animal welfare groups in Japan have come together to launch a coordinated effort to help the animals affected by last week's quake and resultant tsunami." The WSPA is accepting donations through its Animal Disaster Fund."

Dogs that Love Cats

Japan travel warning extended
The government has extended its black travel alert to three more 
prefectures in Japan, following the issue of the black alert to 
Fukushima last Saturday.It has now added Miyagi, Ibaraki and 
Iwate to the list - meaning that all travel to those areas should 
be avoided. A red travel alert remains for other Japanese cities - 
meaning that non-essential travel should be avoided."

“People just relied on the bureaucracy. They became too 
obedient,” said Tsuyoshi Kinno, head of the neighbourhood 
committee in one of the districts of Rikuzen-Takata closest 
to the Pacific coast. “The administration made a mistake.”


The earthquake there

Disturbed that arclight was gagged.  arclight 

@ Please don't think of it as gagged. Put yourself in the other guy's shoes. There's just too much at stake, more than my job.

by Kenneth Shima on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 9:38pm

Live Geiger Counter in Tokyo Japan

"Normal range is usually under 60 CPM. Over 130 is not good.
100 CPM is equivalent to 1 microsievert or 0.1 millirem.

The dangerous level recorded at one of the reactors this morning was 400,000 microsieverts."

Free live streaming by Ustream

Good blog re the Japan crisis situation. Constantly updated: 
Gideon Rachman's blog

Clark Goolsby art

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