Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday April 2nd 2011

Seriously enjoying the Decorah Eagle Cam Fan 2011. Live webcam.
To look at laterHow To: Add Tabs on Your FaceBook Page

Fun urban art by OakOak.  Via Waslijn  on MetaFilter.

Agriculture patterns photographed from space

Wikipedia's list of hats is quite interesting. Pork pie hat.

YAY debunking of con artists!


Goose loves man

Self-check for testicular cancer to the tune of Man In the Mirror

Shingleback romance in the desert. Ouch the birth.

Funny. Why Cats Are Not Doctors

Oooh. Eye candy. Prague's Strahov Library.

Ha! The things I worry about at the dentist.

Painters on Brooklyn Bridge 1914

Mexico City. Pic by National Geographic

Amazing collages by dustin zormeir: More of his work here.

Origins of English proverbs. Via Metafilter

Nightmare still going on at Fukushima:

Discovered today. Enjoyed reading the compilation of info about the Fukushima situation. Also interested in this article about dealing with a sociopath, Devils In Disguise.

Funny. Toupée cop

Face Bank. Want.

90 square foot apartment in NYC.

Not for the squeamish. Yikes. Music of video is funny though, all things considered. Intestinal obstruction by round worms surgery. I had only a bunch of these snake like worms in India on a couple of occasions. Not fun. But this infestation is really bad. Must have been a huge relief for the poor person who survived this.

Also not safe for the squeamish. Brain surgery without anesthesia in Africa.

A very, very naughty April Fool's prank.

More adrenaline junkies at play. Yikes.

Oooh, fun! I used to do a less dangerous form of this at the Stinky Felix slide in Pasadena in Summer 1969.
DAM DAY: Tackling Australia from Paul Fisher on Vimeo.

Love the soundtrack song, Oriental Swing

Now, Arab sheiks on the burning sands,
Come into their harems and clap their hands,
Said, "Come on, girls, are you ready to play?
Let's have a little more of that swingin' today."

Now, geisha girls in old Japan,
Wink behind their peacock fans,
Since they learned to say, "Yeah!
Let's swing it like Amelican's swing swing dance!"

Now, in the land of Fu Manchu,
The girls all now do the Suzie-Q,
Clap their hands in the center of the floor,
Saying, "Ching, ching, chop-suey, swing some more!"

Now, Gypsy caravans have changed their mode,
They truck down the Romany road,
With their hi-de-hos, and their hey-hey-diddle,
Doin' the swing on the Gypsy fiddle.

Them eastern wisemen know the story,
Of the swing with Oriental glory,
They stroke their beards and grin,
Sayin', "Swing, little children, till the dawn comes in!"

Fellow MeFite, Ryland Sanders, creator of Says It, has an hilarious entry on Snopes is in the ICU dealing with COPD.

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