Tuesday, May 24, 2011

post OBL death thoughts

 A mischievously phallic map of NYC with the death of OBL in mind.

The most brilliant article I've read about the Osama, Al Qaeda, US involvement in Afghanistan thing.
The whole shebang. Just amazing.

A Shadow of Ourselves

on the Et tu, Mr. Destructo? blog

Now that's a family cat, so patient

Rapture rescheduled for Oct 21 this year.

Clouded leopard cubs - 2 months old

First ever video of a clouded leopard in its original habitat, in Borneo

My total favorite teasing the dog video. It reminds me of the story my dad used to tell about the giant with a big bowl and the little girl who wondered what was in the bowl. The giant said, "If you guess what I'm eating I'll give you a taste." And the little girl guessed and guessed, a long list of delicious things, her mouth watering all the while. Finally the little girl said, "I know, it's Junket!" Then the giant said, "You're right but it's alllllll gone!" And then Daddy would chuckle. He loved teasing.

Cat showers in bathroom sink

Paul Craig Roberts was an editor of the Wall Street Journal and an Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. His entry on Wikipedia. His article: How Many SEALs Died? It discusses his thoughts about 9/11, the raid on the OBL compound and other things.

As a child in Jamaica, West Indies, I learned that if I picked a silver fern, placed it on my forearm and slapped it, there would be a delightful white tattoo print of the fern on my skin.

A 12 year old girl did this rabbit pic. I found it on Reddit. So charming.

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