Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunny Wednesday afternoon May 25th 2011

No doubt this will mean the US troops will stay longer in Afghanistan

U.S. Identifies Vast Mineral Riches in Afghanistan

The Eclipse of Mars Illusion

Stare at the white dot in the centre of the red circle. The longer – the better (two minutes and you’ll get a much stronger effect). Always try to keep focused on the white dot. It’ll be worth it.
Soon after staring, you’ll start to see a thin rim of light around the edge. Don’t stop staring though yet! Wait another minute – keeping your head perfectly still.
Once you’ve done this, slowly – move your head backwards – making sure to keep your eyes focused on the dot at all times. The circle’s rim will glow brilliantly with true Cyan! Keep on moving your head slowly backwards, and it’ll glow very hot!…

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