Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday late July, sweltering in Hell's Kitchen

Carpet Cat to the rescue!
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The terrible news of the day: the Oslo terrorist attacks.


MetaFilter thread on Eyescapes.
Eyescapes by Rankin [nsfw].

Rankin's home site [flash], his Wikipedia entry.

The anatomy of the iris l Crypts of Fuchs Pupillary ruff l Contraction furrows l pigment dots l color scale l Wolfflin nodules factor structure

Eye color, or more correctly, iris color is due to...

The visible features of an iris arise in the trabeculum, a meshwork of connective tissue that displays arching ligaments, cryptscontraction furrows, a corona and pupillary frill,coloration, and sometimes freckles. The striated anterior layer covering the trabecular meshwork creates the predominant texture seen with visible light (see examples here), but all of these sources of radial and angular variation taken together constitute a distinctive "fingerprint" that can be imaged from some distance.

Wondering about Elizabeth Taylor's "violet eyes" I found these images. Looks like she has some of that Waardenburg syndrome with a patch of hazel, which is called sectoral heterochromia(Wikipedia). There's a central heterochomia as well.

Your beautiful eyes


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