Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4th, Thursday 2011

The most beautiful, sweetly happy beluga whale I ever saw
Toys of yore...
The favorite toy Granny gave me.
Years and years of Motown,
listened to in secret under my pillow.
Loved those Russ trolls
way back when in the mid 60's

One of those toys Granny gave at Christmas.
Almost interesting.

Thai horse marionette Daddy brought
back from one of his endless trips.
 Meh at the time.

Flipperdinger aka The Bournoulli Ball

hooey stick aka 
gee-haw whammy diddle Also from Daddy. Unforgettably fun.

Used to make and paint bird models. Like the ones here too. 

My sister's stuffed owl.
Once I woke up and saw these huge
eyes staring at me.
Utterly terrified, it took
 heroic courage to inch
over to the light switch. After realizing
it was the stuffed owl,
I never trusted that owl again.

Lovely to find all those old toys on Etsy
or elsewhere on the web.

The Million dollar Movie theme music.

Remembering Land of the Pharoahs,
watched with Suzy Rector,
eating delicious ice cream parfaits
on a sleepover in second grade


tiny kitteh being cute

My dad, a scientist, used to make small "bombs" in the bathroom sink to amuse us, his kids.
He used a few grains of potassium permanganate wrapped a piece of toilet paper, a dash of glycerin, then a few drops of water. We'd peek behind the partially closed door to watch the blaze. Then enjoyed the lovely rainbow of colors, especially deep purple, washing the ashes down the drain.

Put a Tiger in your Tank

The Peter Sellers Pink Panther Films of the 1970s

My favorite movie with Katie, then my best friend.
An intense movie. could relate to it profoundly.

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