Thursday, April 6, 2017

April 6th 2017, my day off

Went to the fabulous Metropolitan Museum yesterday for a few hours around images of sublime beauty. Took a few pics of some of the Buddhist art there.

   Cool sculpture found on eBay, a vintage dental manikin.

Ooh the exquisitely serene, miniature sculptures carved into rock by Matthew Simmonds
Here is the artist, Matthew Simmonds, next to one of his little gems and here are some more pics of his marvelous creations.

Love remembering this

Size is relative.

Life is impermanent

???????????? The Changing Seasons From the Air ????????????

An extraordinarily simple, free and easy way to treat tinnitus.

Intelligent, mature and helpful advice from two grown ups to kids and teens about falling and being in love.

Ask a Grown Man: Run the Jewels from Rookie on Vimeo.

A brilliant YouTube channel, School of Life, with, as my friend, Cat says, " lots of great emotional intelligence/life skills advice for those of us who had no loving parenting."

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