Monday, February 6, 2012

wandering around the Columbia University art history database, Feb 6th 2012

China, Han Dynasty. Kneeling Female Burial Figure, from Xian, Shenxi Province; Earthenware; ht. 34 cm; Shenxi Museum. 

China, Ming Dynasty. Poem (detail) by Dong Qichang; 1555-1636; hanging scroll; ink on silk; New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Amida Raigo Triptych; Central Section; det: face of central figure; Japanese; Late Heian Per.; late 11c; Mt. Koya: Kongobuji; color/silk; h: 83 in.; [CU: AH_0203_186_2]

China, Six Dynasties. Yungang, Cave 20, from Yungang, Shanxi; N. Wei, ca. 460 CE; sandstone.

Maurice Denis, Eternal Spring: the Bath (detail), 1908  

Bruegel, Hunters in the Snow, detail of right side showing ice-skaters, signed and dated 1565, (oil on panel, full size 117 x 162 cm [46 x 63 3/4 in]), Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna
Koryo Dynasty. Celadon Wine Pot with Lid; late 12 c.; glazed porcelain with inlaid slip design; ht: 8 1/2 in. x base 3 in.; Seoul, Toksu Palace Museum of Fine Arts.
View of London before fire of 1666 
Henri Matisse, The Red Room or The Dessert -- Harmony in Red, 1908

Félix Vallotton, Portrait of Gertrude Stein, 1907

Japan, Edo Period. 33 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Katsushika Hokusai; 19th c.; polychrome woodblock print.  
Japan, Edo Period. Sudden Shower Over Shinohashi Bridge and Atake by Ando Hiroshige; 19th c.; polychrome woodblock print; Brooklyn, Brooklyn Museum of Art. 
Korea, Choson Dynasty. Scenic Spots of Songdo, by Kang Se-hwang; 18th c.; album leaf; ink and color on paper. 
Korea, Three Kingdoms Period. Stoneware Vessel in Form of Mounted Warrior from Silla; from Kyongju, N. Kyongsang Province; ht. 23.5 cm, length 29.4 cm 

China , Han Dynasty. Galloping horse, from Leitai tomb, Wuwei, Gansu Province; 2nd c. CE, bronze; ht. 34.5 cm, length 45 cm; Beijing, Palace Museum. 
Amida Raigo Triptych; Right Section; det: face of biwa player; Japanese; Late Heian Per.; late 11c; Mt. Koya: Kongobuji; color/silk; h: 83 in.; [CU: AH_0203_186_13]

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