Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 3 of Sandy, Friday night, Nov. 2nd 2012

Peter Lehrman

Send 10 bucks to help  victims; text "RedCross" to 90999. Takes 5 seconds. I will contribute 10 bucks per retweet.

Some NYC outages could linger into mid-November

Walking Around Manhattan In The Dark via the Gothamist

Looking down.(Michael Morgenstern )
Empty streets. (Michael Morgenstern )
From the corner of Mercer and Prince. (Reuben Hernandez / Reuben
Lit up on the corner of Rivington and Essex. (Reuben Hernandez / Reuben
The National Guard is here.(Ron Douglas's flickr)
Filling up on fresh water.(Rick McGrath's Facebook)
The Union Square Whole Foods.(Rick McGrath's Facebook)
Looking uptown. (Rick McGrath's Facebook)
Remember that building whose facade fell off as the storm hit? Still off!(Rick McGrath's Facebook)
And this is what is left of the facade.(Rick McGrath's Facebook)
23rd and Eighth Avenue.(Dan Nguyen @ New York City's flickr)
Patrolling the Meatpacking District. (Dan Nguyen @ New York City's flickr)
Fire will keep us warm.(Michael Morgenstern )
Closer to the fire!(Michael Morgenstern )
A taco truck does some business. (John de Guzman's flickr)
Take Shelter!(Rick McGrath's Facebook)

Next week's cover "Undeterred" by Adrian Tomine. Read an interview with the artist:

In the 30s, on 2nd & 3rd Ave, still no power. Groups of people walking down to 30th, to lights. Traffic signals already back in business.

Photographs of post Sandy NYC by Guillaume Gaudet
Downtown Manhattan post-Sandy Blackout 

NYC Post-Sandy Blackout. Take 2

A wise but sad decision. New York Times article about this.

After Days of Pressure, Marathon Is Off

Lifeblood of the city will return with the electricity.

 just restored power to 25,000 customers in the  network

 restores power to over 100,000 in , check our feed for network boundaries 

 restores over 65,000 customers on the Lower East Side and East Village areas of  

 has restored 135,000+ in Mnhttn; 122,000+ in Bk; 85,000+ in SI; 75,000+ in Westchester; 39,000+ in Bx; and 29,000+ in Qns. #24/7

South of 42nd St. lights coming back slowly but  still rules.  

NYT news alert: U.S. military to truck 24 million gallons of extra fuel to region hit by 

And in Alabama, Sandy caused sundogs, marvelous rainbows. "It is suspected that the remnants of Hurricane Sandy seeded the upper atmosphere with ice crystals, which result in the bending of light rays into these arcs. Really cool."

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