Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20th 2013. Ahhh, summertime is here.

Ahhh, summertime is here. What a joy. A time of light, heat, sunshine, open windows, water melon, summer storms, enjoying white crumpled sheets, wearing less clothing, eating less and lighter, savoring breezes, flapping curtains, a sense of spacious ease, silly blockbuster movies and visits to the sea.

Enjoying the art of Karen Hollingsworth.

Some likable, gentle art by Tang Chiew Ling, a graphic designer in Malaysia.

The Periodic Table of Videos with each element being described.

Coming Home by Karen Hollingsworth
Unwind by Karen Hollingsworth
Reconnecting by Karen Hollingsworth

Love this.Such a charming stop motion video of fireworks of beads. Worth waiting for the grand finale at the end.
Connected by Karen Hollingsworth

Huh, what an oddly likable thing. Calling a dolphin using a comb.

A lovely corner of this beautiful planet, the Venice of the Netherlands, a village without roads. "Giethoorn is a village in the Dutch province of Overijssel. It's called "Venice of the Netherlands." In the old part of the village, there were no roads (nowadays there is a cycling path), and all transport was done by water over one of the many canals. The lakes in Giethoorn were formed by peat unearthing."

A short vignette of Oba-Chan. An 85 year old Japanese farmer who tends to her land all by herself. Serene, intimate and inspiring.

Oh, this is cool. 

Animal Planet LIVE

It's a whole bunch of live cams that one can watch all kinds of creatures, live.
Living on the edge.The person sitting on that ledge is Alex Honnold. He’s been proclaimed the best free soloist (i.e., climbs without ropes) in the world. 

*wipes tears of laughter. Love these.
Huh, who knew. Japanese black hot dogs
Aww, a cute little story. A Vietnamese soccer fan runs after a bus of visiting Arsenal Club players in Hanoi, Viet Nam, so that the team members end up inviting him on the bus, brag about his sexy sixpack and cheer him on. Warmly friendly.
View Point by Karen Hollingsworth
A puppy that looks like a dandelion, attacking a dandelion.
A raccoon stealing some cats' food, dipping it into water for gravy and running away like a true bandit.
Air Mail by Karen Hollingsworth

Kids watching a weird looking experiment, burning Ammonium dichromate and Mercury (II) thiocyanate. At one point many of them shout "Kraken!" Fun all the way to the end.

Night Owl by Karen Hollingsworth

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