Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tom Young's paintings, his love affair with Beirut and Lebanon

Delicate — at Gemmayzeh.
the day after

Breakthrough — at Gemmayzeh.
A marvelous story, a brief film of a handsome, young, British-global, painter, Tom Young, who went to Lebanon and fell in love with the country, painted its sumptuous colors and the complexity of living there, simultaneously full of joy and sadness, war and peace, nostalgia for the heyday of fun, comfort, romance, a rich social life and dealing with the uncertain now, loss, poignantly tangled. 

A resident there offered him the use of a neglected, crumbling building, Villa Paradiso. 

Here is his website with an array of beautiful, evocative, emotionally rich paintings, his FaceBook page and an article about the scope of his work in other countries as well.

Tom Young.com

Tom's studio at Villa Paradiso, painting my favorite painting of his, Let the Light In
Let the Light In

beiteddine palace, lebanon

Gunflowers — at Gemmayzeh.

basta fowka, beirut

life goes on


sunset, sea of galilee
wall story
Still Spinning (thanks to Barouir Baloumian for the inspiration) — at Gemmayzeh.
studio window, beirut

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