Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10th 2015

Nine hours of a Cassandra flower blooming

24 hours in the life of ten Daydream flowers

Antimatter flowers

Arizona Sunset flowers
Ten hours of Eroica flowers
Fascination flowers
Four Yes flowers blooming over eight hours

Time Lapse Compilation of 5 More Types of Echinopsis Flowers Opening from EchinopsisFreak on Vimeo.

Compilation of Time Lapses Showing 4 Types of Echinopsis Flowers Opening ... from EchinopsisFreak on Vimeo.

Greg Krehel's amazing time lapses of cactus flowers openingFreaky Flowers: Echinopsis Cacti in Bloom from EchinopsisFreak.

This watercolor depicting the Hindu god Varuna riding a sea monster dates from A.D. 1675 to 1700.

Hearing what a story would likely have sounded like 5500 years ago. Telling Tales in Proto-Indo-European

In the 1990s, historical linguists created another short parable in reconstructed PIE [ Proto-Indo-European]. It is loosely based on a passage from the Rigveda, an ancient collection of Sanskrit hymns, in which a king beseeches the god Varuna to grant him a son. Here, Andrew Byrd recites his version of the “The King and the God” in PIE, based on the work of linguists Eric Hamp and the late Subhadra Kumar Sen.
Automaton Frog, ca. 1820, Switzerland. Gold and green enamel automaton in the form of a frog and set with pearls. Ruby eyes. Mechanism operates the legs to cause the frog to jump and croak.
Automata at the Metropolitan Museum.

Questlove and other obsessive record collectors are chronicled in Eilon Paz’s Dust & Grooves, a photography and interview project

Star Track by I Love Doodle
J. J. Grandville, Shepherd's Star
J. J. Grandville, The Sailor’s Star
J.J. Grandville, The Good Star
A Walk in the Sky by JJ Granville

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