Thursday, August 6, 2015

A happy assortment, Thursday, August 6th 2015

A real treat, a large archive of Old Time Radio.
There are shows, advertisements, songs, talks, comedy, talks, historic speeches, all free.

Wonderful for doing housework, company while one does chores or goes to sleep. Fun listening. A few examples:

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (Australian illustrator, 1888-1960) ~ 'Anne Rides on a Nautlis Shell'
A Fairy and a Bird Embracing- Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (Australian illustrator, 1888-1960)

If you like butterflies, this is important to know.

Butterfly Bushes Aren’t Good for Butterflies

The ecologically correct thing to do, to help butterflies thrive, is to find plants native to your area and plant them. Here is a website to find plants native to your area in the USA.
Find Native Plants

Useful to know.

The language of lying

Zip Lookup. What your zip code says about you.

Crazy about this Colombian salsa dancing. Wow, his body is electric! Knees on fire!

And Colombian salsa as it looks danced with couples in a club, sizzling
Colombian Style Salsa at a Club in Cali, Colombia

Love this vintage Indian filmi song in Telegu, her joyous plumpness, the passion
AADAVE MAYURI, the famous old rare master piece song of K Viswanath's creation

Another old Telegu romantic song that makes my heart flutter with tenderness

Nannu Dochu Kunduvate

Japanese doll making. Gentle and beautiful.
鳴子系こけし/こけしの岡仁 from dmp on Vimeo.

Online police auctions. Interesting browsing.

Gifts from Mexico: corn, potatoes, beans, tobacco, chocolate, cotton, tomatoes, peanuts, avocados, chilies, pineapples, prickly pear, limes, soursop, sweet potatoes, chiclet (gum), papayas, chilies, chokecherries, tomatillos, chayote and jicama. 

Saul Steinberg's Country Noises
NASA's planned missions through 2030

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