Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Jenny Holzer. Her art was and is so innovative. It has become part of the brocade of now. I remember when 42nd Street was bought up by Disney for gazillions. Mixed feelings here in Hell's Kitchen. 42nd Street was so sordid, tired and ugly sex business mixed with seedy drug biz. But then Disney bought it? LOL It was bizarre icing on a shit cake that one.

Jenny Holzer miraculously made the change better. On what were the old marquis awnings, instead of movie titles or sex peep show titles, she put her art. I remember walking down 42nd then, quite surreal with everything closed and her poetic statements all over the place, on all the marquis awnings. It was so darkly beautiful. Uplifting. It brought some wonderful healing to the process. And now, of course, 42nd Street is still tawdry but with Mickey Mouse ears on it. Funny that.

Illustration by Boris Artzybasheff

Athanasius Kircher

Newton by William Blake

Illustration from Musurgia Universalis, (1650) sets out Kircher's views on music by Athanasius Kircher
Cvijeta Jobillustration for Mira Boglic's Suma Od Koralja, 1962 

Art Nouveau Ornament. Ornement Art nouveau. Jugendstil Ornamente. Ornamentación Arte Nuevo

Spaceman Japan, around 1960

Microscope Vienna, around 1920

illustration by  Dan Elijah Fajardo

Painting  by Léon Bakst

Painting by Zayasaikhan Sambuu

Painting by Laurel Long

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