Thursday, January 25, 2018

late January 2018

created by tedacus

Lepidoptera Obscura by Vladimir Stankovic

Animations by Nancy Liang

Marvelous sculptures by Massimiliano Pelletti
Striking Contemporary Sculptures Inspired by Ancient Art

Crystal Venus, 2017. Mexican onyx madre cava. 72 x 75 x 38 cm
Crystal Venus, 2017. Mexican onyx madre cava. 72 x 75 x 38 cm
Niobe 2016
Patinated Bronze
38x40x73h cm

Inside God (Zeus) 20
Patinated bronze and quartz geode
19 x 20 x 30 cm / 20 x 24 x 16 cm
Gold Fly 2016
White marble and gold
49x35x26 cm

Broken Blue 2017
Bolivian sodalite 
56 x 41 x 35 cm

The United States mapped by trees and forests by 


My Life as a New York Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror

New type of northern lights discovered, named Steve

A newly named type of northern lights, called Steve, 
captured over Kakwa, Alberta around midnight on September 15, 2017 (Catalin Tapardel)
You might wonder what Steve means. At first it didn't mean anything. It was just a name. Steve comes from the animated movie Over The Hedge. In the movie, the main characters were watching bushes rustle. Out came an animal that they didn't know. So they named it Steve.

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