Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Latest fave: epic Yorkie puppy - baby match

Okay, even if this is totally fake and a Bud Light commercial
I still love it. Golden loves guitar.

Amazing story: Harry Andrews and the Legend of Chateau La Roche. He built this castle by hand, himself, from river rocks, after a near death experience too. Official site.

The Science Behind Santa

oh my gawd, here comes Christmas!

That Trololo guy is still at it!

Amazing what curiosity and interest prompts people to do.
This guy actually lived as a turkey for an entire year. Mind blowing.

flying baby

dogs sneezing

Vihart is one of my very favorite young brainiacs on the web.
A lovable genius and very fun too.

Tiny baby boar looks a bit like a chipmunk on a leafy forest floor

Oh I love glass!
James Nowak art glass clamshell sculpture. 

Motivation for a depressed person?
Steve Mc Curry, American, 1950 to present was born in Philadelphia. Titled: Fishermen at Weligama Sri Lanka

History of champagne (right click the image and left click open in a new tab
for a bigger pic)

The Most Popular Holiday Toys of the Past 30 Years

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