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Dealing with narcissists, psychopaths and toxic people and still finding ways to enjoy life

An exceptionally good, practically wise book. Readable free online:

Working with Toxic Older Adults: 

A Guide to Coping with Difficult Elders
By Gloria M. DavenportPeggy Weatherspoon

The study of evil. Ponerology
"Ponerology is the name given by Polish psychiatrist Andrzej Łobaczewski to an interdisciplinary study of the causes of periods of social injustice.[1] This discipline makes use of data from psychology, sociology, philosophy, and history to account for such phenomena asaggressive war, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and police states. The original theory and research was conducted by psychologists and psychiatrists working in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary in the years before the institution of Communism such as Kazimierz Dąbrowski and Stefan Blachowski.[2]
Łobaczewski adopted the term from the branch of theology dealing with the study of evil, derived from the Greek word poneros. According to Łobaczewski, all societies vacillate between "happy times," or times of prosperity, during which advanced psychological knowledge of the danger of psychopathological influence in the corridors of power is suppressed, and "unhappy times," during which the intelligentsia and society at large are forced to recover this specialized knowledge in order to ultimately rectify the social order along mentally healthier lines. It is to be noted that "happy times" do not imply morally advanced times, as Łobaczewski makes clear that this "happiness" or prosperity may well be premised on the oppression of a target group.
Łobaczewski defines many specific "characteropathies," which Western psychology would probably term "character disorders," as paving the way for the ultimate rule of "essential psychopaths" in full-fledged "pathocracy." This is what he says takes place when society is insufficiently guarded against the minority of such abnormal pathologs ever-present in its midst (Łobaczewski asserts that the etiology is almost entirely bio-genetic.) He believes that they infiltrate any institution or state, prevailing moral values are perverted into their opposite, and a coded language not unlike Orwell's "double-think" circulates into the mainstream, using "paralogic" and "paramoralism" in place of genuine logic and morality. There are various identifiable stages of pathocracy described by Łobaczewski. Ultimately, each pathocracy is foredoomed because the root of healthy social morality, according to Łobaczewski, is contained in the congenital instinctive infrastructure in the vast majority of the population. While some in the normal population are more susceptible to pathocratic influence, and become its lackeys, the majority instinctively resist."
While I am non-theistic, I do think there are people capable of evil.

The YouTube channel called 
Thomas Sheridan Artist
has videos of Thomas Sheridan sharing his thoughts
on the topic of psychopaths.

About Thomas Sheridan 

TNSRADIO-Thomas Sheridan-Psychopaths

Online Resource for Victims of Psychopaths and Narcissists


You won't find many links here because we have
found very few sites devoted to psychopathy and/or
narcissism that we consider to be reliable or helpful.
How To Spot a Dangerous Man
Safe Relationships
Robert Hare Website
Anatomy Of Malignant Narcissism
Court TV's Crime Library - Criminal Minds and Methods
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
How to recognise disordered personalities, 
serial bullies and sociopaths
Crime Times Article Links
A Lily Or A Rose?"

"Article Links

The articles linked on this section of the website range from the dry academic to news, to the literary to the political. Since this site is under construction, the articles are presently listed in no particular order; soon we will categorize them for ease of reference. Thank you for your patience.
Psychopathy, Sociopathy, and Antisocial Personality Disorder
Psychopaths: Who ARE These People?
Some Basic Concepts Needed to Understand Psychopaths in Our World
An Interview With Martha Stout
Profile of the Psychopath by Dr Robert Hare
THE PSYCHOPATH - The Mask of Sanity
The Psychopathic Personality by Michael G. Conner, Psy.D
The Inner Landscape of the Psychopath
Discussion of Psychopathy Traits
A basic hypothesis of Psychopathy
Psychopaths in Sheep's Clothing
Eight Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation
On Narcissism
Liars 'too self aware to twitch'
Beware the sociopath - No heart, no conscience, no remorse - Love Fraud
Psychopathy and the DSM-IV (PDF - offsite link)
Beyond Insanity
The Socially Adept Psychopath
Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder: A Case of Diagnostic Confusion
Antisocial Personality, Sociopathy & Psychopathy
Reflections on Good and Evil by a Forensic Psychiatrist
The Partial Psychopath
Incomplete Manifestations or Suggestions of the Disorder - Hervey Cleckley
The Compensated Psychopath Excerpts from the book The Emptied Soul by Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig
Psychopaths and Neuroticism - A discussion with Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig
Sociopathic Parenting
Bullying behavior may be genetic, a study in twins finds
The Bad Seed: The Fledgling Psychopath
Psychopath's Find Faces a Mystery
Ten Minute Test for Psychopathy
The Psychopath as Physician
Socially-Dangerous - The Compensated Psychopath
The Psychopath as Psychiatrist
Speech Patterns Offer Windows into Psychiatric Disorders
Ten Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You
Scientists search for the seat of evil
Functional Families, Dysfunctional Brains
Memories Of Fear -- Researchers Discover How They Work
NYU Neuroscientist Examines How Brain Responds To Fears That Are Imagined And Anticipated, But Never Experienced
Brain potentials implicate temporal lobe abnormalities in criminal psychopaths (offsite pdf)
Psychological and Biological theories of criminal conduct.
The Scary Truth of Psychopaths
Political Psychopathy
The Origins of Violence: Is Psychopathy an Adaptation?
Evaluation of Frontal Ventral Contribution to the Psychopathy Syndrome
USC Study Finds Faulty Wiring In Psychopaths
Criminal Psychopathy
Brain Differences In Adolescents, Psychopaths, Lend To Their Impulsive, Risk-taking Behavior
The psychopath in history
Beyond Therapy: Some Evil Can't Be Cured
The Psychopath Defined
Inside the psychopath
Snakes In Suits - When Psychopaths Go To Work
Psychopathic C.E.O.'s
Don Juan as Psychopath
Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes
The Psychopathic Tendency in World Politics
Is Psychosis Contagious?
How Psychopaths Take Over Society
Official Culture in America: A Natural State of Psychopathy?
Construct Validity of Psychopathy in a Community Sample (offsite PDF)
Seeing Evil
The Psychology of Evil
Violence as Secular Evil
Mind of a Murderer
Prominent DC Shrink Diagnoses Bush to be a Paranoid, Sadistic Meglomaniac
Bush isn't a moron, he's a cunning sociopath
Bush Is An Idot... Right?
Society and Human Nature in the Films of Stanley Kubrick
Psychopathic Personality: Where Are The Good Guys Now?
Death, Be Not Proud - Bush The Executioner
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Traits Discussed
The Ambassador of Narcissism: An Interview with Sam Vaknin
An In-Depth Look At Where Sam Vaknin is Leading NPD
Anatomy of Malignant Narcissism
Sam Vaknin Revisited
A Soul With No Footprints
Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !&#*!@
Bush Says He Can't Think of Any Mistakes - Helen Thomas
Bush's "Christian" Blood Cult: Concerns Raised by the Vatican
Bush's POW Porn
Psychopath Cheney urges exception to torture ban for CIA
Second Thoughts About 'Bring 'em On'
The Madness of George W. Bush
Can an Entire Country Go Mad?
The Unfeeling President - E. L. Docterow
Psychologist adds scientific insight to loaded label of ‘psychopath’
Motive still a question in Peterson case
Psychos Need a Little Sympathy
Inside The Minds Of Psychopaths
Brain Regions Do Not Communicate Efficiently In Adults With Autism
FREE Download! Hervey Cleckley's classic: The Mask of Sanity (pdf - right click and save to disk)"

A soldier talks about her journey into human trafficking rescue.
"Erika Clark is a young, Air Force intelligence analyst whose career was ended by 
a knee injury and now works with trafficked children in the Washington DC area.  
The trafficked children are shuttled on a circuit between U.S. cities to avoid detection
in the sex trade, where pimps put them on the street and force them to perform sex acts 
with approximately eight to ten men a night. The lifespan for a trafficked child after entering 
“the life” is around seven years before they’re killed or die from AIDS."

Adam Curtis' documentaries 
watchable on YouTube

Sam Vaknin FAQs



Adult Children of Narcissists

While knowing about people who are toxic, destructivesometimes 
lethally so, 'seeing' them with clarity, it's important to be able to 
refocus on the beauty and good in life, to know meaning and joy.

Okay, for today enough about
toxic people. Time for other things in life.


Chatoyancy is something I really enjoy in a gemstone, especially 

in Labradorite

but also in chatoyant ammonites   
this one is both chatoyant and iridescent

Another thing I love are enhydro geodes
Those are geodes with ancient water trapped inside that one can see moving around. About geodes

Pyrite ammonites are pretty amazing too.
How incredible is that!

"Hugs Keep Us Alive" 
art print of illustration by Lim Heng Swee

modern day Christmas spirit

hedgehog munching a raspberry

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