Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday in December

Finger Taekwondo

Screaming Cats via Everlasting Blort

i has a cloud

anatomical heart locket
This print would make a wonderful Christmas present! (hint)
And the artist, Kim Parkurst, is a fellow MeFite too. Via.
Bunny Rabbit Storytime Fairy Tale Signed Print

the dolphin that went to heaven

an amazing gathering of brainiacs

Prozac of yore

"Not yet!"

swinging on a star

Googling that song I came across 
this tragic story of the child star, Lena Zavaroni

Close-up of a moth. How amazing is that!

12 year old baton twirler

The Eye Jewellery Project
Eye jewelry

Linocut 2.0 Cool thing to do with the styrofoam clamshell of a takeout meal.

Monmartre, Paris

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