Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday, December 20th 2011

Apparently, the Berlin Laughter Project did a flash mob laughing thing on the subway. (via BitterOldPunk)

A little more contagious laughter.

Cat soothing crying baby to sleep

Humbling and ingenious. Human pile drivers in Thailand.

Sounds like there's a sort of music that goes along with the work too

Something that amazes me about that
video is that the pile driving system
seems ancient, primordial.
Then there is the sound of the cellphone
at the end. Primordial and modern in the same moment.

That reminds me of the marvelous Ghanaian postal workers music

Naughty advertising for a Brazilian motel "Practice safe habits, breakfast with tropical fruit"

Terrifying heroism.
As a child soldier in Cambodia's notorious Khmer Rouge army Aki Ra laid many landmines. He now clears these deadly bombs with a stick and a pocketknife, more than 10,000 to date. It is very dangerous. No one pays him to do it. Aki is the real deal.

Caren Alpert, a food photographer based in San Francisco and New York, has produced a range of images of everyday foods taken with an electron-microscope. "It is my hope that these photographs might transform our food obsession into a newfound closeness with what nourishes us," she says.

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