Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10th 2012, late Sunday night

Star Falls by Toshio Ebine

Big Cat by Kate Hoyer

A delightful audio remix of Snow White. Sort of dreamy chill. Wishery.

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

 in 1961 (about the shows on Wikipedia). Here is the full episode psilocybin mushrooms were introduced to the western world by the tv show One Step Beyond, and the host was filmed after taking some.

A January 1961 episode, "The Sacred Mushroom", deals with the discovery of mind-altering drugs. Newland traveled to Mexico where he met with a local shaman who was an initiate in ritual use of magic mushrooms. The then-unknown mushrooms were purportedly able to increase the user's psychic powers. On camera, Newland ingested several mushrooms and allowed his reactions to be filmed for broadcast. This was the only episode of the entire series to have a relatively reality-based "documentary" tone, rather than the scripted docudramas that made up all other episodes. Although the subject matter (the enhancement of psychic powers) was in line with the rest of the series, this episode was somewhat controversial and was omitted from the syndication package; it has been seen only rarely since its original broadcast. However, according to Newland, it was the most popular episode of the series.

What happens when you tickle a penguin, wait for it. So adorable.

Bonaire, in the Caribbean, known for flamingos, ship wrecks and diving.

Flickr's Your Best Shot collection has some likable pics

Cat Helps Baby with English - Spanish Lesson

Pug By Kate Hoyer 

(If you right click on this image and open it up in another tab, it's animated)

Best friends. Awwww, he waits for the boy, while he enjoys the puddle.

Patient mother sheep

Photographs of abandoned villages in Southern ItalyCraco, Romagnano al Monte, Roscigno, Tocco Caudio.

From the Adventure Rider website, which has lots of nice pics: "November 23rd,1980 a big earthquake strongly damaged all the area called “Irpinia” (next to here) killing about 3000 people and making lot of homeless. Due to the risk of coming down Romagnano al Monte was abandoned and re-built downriver."

The Dream God, Ole Luk Oie by Kay Nielsen, via BibliOdyssey

Once upon a time there was a Golden Age of Illustration for children's books and Kay Nielsen is considered one of the great artists of that era.

Here is a veritable feast of his marvelous illustrations on Tumblr.

And more illustrations by Kay Nielsen. And more.

East of the Sun and West of the Moon, 1914 

East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Hansel and Gretel

Brother and Sister

Night On Bald Mountain
The Tinder Box: The dog ran with the princess on his back
 Kay Nielsen (1886-1957), the Danish illustrator 
Kay (pronounced “kigh”) Nielsen is considered one of a triumvirate of classic “great ” illustrators from the golden age of illustration and gift book design during the first quarter of the 20th century. Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac, also featured in Gallery IV, were the other stars.

These are illustrations-paintings by Toshio Ebine 
Toshio Ebine is a painter based in the Kanagawa Prefecture. His main medium is a gouache-watercolor mix, which is a mix unique to a Japanese paint-producing brand called Nicker-enogu.

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