Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The week before Christmas 2012

A quiet celebration of Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, koto solo

About the film, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

A poignant family Christmas, filmed over 25 years. Watching the kids grow up.

Something gentle for winter nights.

A lovely, mellow combination. Found on Reddit. This was created by a Redditer, with the username johnturkey. It's three links, which you open in 3 separate tabs.
1. The Rainy day sounds, here, from Rainy Mood.

2. Then this endless loop from Endless Video, which is the delightfully smooth jazz tune called The Fragrance of Dark Coffee. It is from Gyakuten Meets Orchestra, a soundtrack album featuring background music from the video game series Ace Attorney.

3. Then this endless fireplace loopEndlessVideo - HAARDVUUR / FIREPLACE / FEU DE FOYER

Ernst Haeckel Christmas cards with festive and joyous jellyfish and sea creatures

Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller.

A handy packing list for traveling. Right click on the image below, open in a new tab or window and print it for the next trip you take.

 A Taxonomy of Wines

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