Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter eve 2013

The goddess Ostara by Johannes Gehrts. It is from the old Germanic name for this goddess, that the word for Easter came, Ēostre.

This is pretty amazing and memorable.
Surreal trancedancing, powerful, hypnotic singing. Sufis dance Zikr in Chechnya

From the New York Times article: This is a zikr, the mystical Sufi dance of the Caucasus and a ritual near the center of Chechen Islam.

Nothing like some sublime perspective: The Known Universe

Cat plays fruit ninja on iPad

Greek ferry boat arriving, docking, passengers disembarking and re-embarking at a small port on Kimolos Island under heavy weather conditions.

Crows are really smart, not just tricky, smart.

Vintage Jesus posters from India

From the album "Pop Yeh Yeh - Psychedelic Rock From Singapore And Malaysia: 1964-1970". M. Osman & Orkes Nirwana - Kisah Disampang

Available at Sublime Frequencies

A trailer for forthcoming SUBLIME FREQUENCIES film.
this WORLD is UNREAL like a SNAKE in a ROPE
A collage of sights and sounds from the eternal never-ending collage that is INDIA. A trip through the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu featuring Hindu trance ceremonies, free jazz nagaswaram improvisations, impossibly loud cities, processions, devotion, blessings, color, abstractions, detail, music and more. India is impossible to know: it is too vast, too rich and too much of a dream, it is impossibly old and impossibly new. Offered here is one perspective, one dream, subjective and flawed, hanging by a thread, captured live and in the moment and in the midst. One journey revealed in the order it happened. Not quite ethnography. Not quite documentary. A film by Robert Millis. DVD from Sublime Frequencies.

Lots of vintage Asian pop to explore on this site, POP YEH YEH RESEARCH TRIP

Normadiah & Omar Suwita - Joget Go The Hell


Belle Nuntita Thailand's Got Talent Audition 2011

Explanation: The graceful arc of the Milky Way begins and ends at two mountain peaks in this solemn night sky panorama. The view was created from a 24 frame mosaic, with exposures tracking Earth and sky separately. In the final composition, northern California's Mount Lassen was positioned at the left and Mount Shasta at the far right, just below the star and dust clouds of the galactic center. Lassen and Shasta are volcanoes in the Cascade Mountain Range of North America, an arc of the volcanic Pacific Ring of Fire. In the dim, snow-capped peaks, planet Earth seems to echo the subtle glow of the Milky Way's own faint, unresolved starlight.

More playing with food.

Another surprise. A lollipop street artist. Magic!

Charmed by some of the Patience Brewster designs, like this one
One of my favorites of hers:

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