Sunday, March 9, 2014

India of yore, a small handful of images from the website

A few images of former times in India that I came across and liked wandering through the images.

Udaipur from island of Jagmandir. '1st Janr. 1879'

Artist : Simpson, William (1823-1899)

Passage in Temple [Minakshi Sundareshvara Temple, Madura]

Saloombra. Residence of Rawut Puddam Sing

'Golden Temple. Umritzer'

Laxmi, from "Indian roundels"

Condgeveram, ville sainte dans le Carnatik aux environs de Madras, lieu de perlerinage des Hindoux.

'Poshkur, India. Decr. 1878'

Ajmer - White marble audience hall overlooking Lake Ajmer. Photographer : Unknown 

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