Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday, February 25th 2018

One of the most powerful, life enhancing videos i've ever watched

Fault Vs Responsibility by Will Smith FULL SPEECH

Ah. Spring is almost here.
A beautiful voiced robin sings for his breakfast in a pet food store

Every morning, this little robin comes into a store in Swansea to start his 'shift'... ๐ŸŽถ Singing by the bird food!
The full Ghetto Spider Ah Ha dance

Huh, so interesting
Medical History of American Presidents
George Washington · John Adams · Thomas Jefferson · James Madison · James Monroe · John Q. Adams · Andrew Jackson · Martin van Buren · William Harrison · John Tyler · James Polk · Zachary Taylor · Millard Fillmore · Franklin Pierce · James Buchanan · Abraham Lincoln · Andrew Johnson · Ulysses Grant · Rutherford Hayes · James Garfield · Chester Arthur · Grover Cleveland · Benjamin Harrison · William McKinley · Theodore Roosevelt · William Taft · Woodrow Wilson · Warren Harding · Calvin Coolidge · Herbert Hoover · Franklin Roosevelt · Harry Truman · Dwight Eisenhower · John Kennedy · Lyndon Johnson · Richard Nixon · Gerald Ford · James Carter · Ronald Reagan · George Bush · William Clinton · George W. Bush · Barack Obama

An interesting post on Reddit
There are lots of posts about:
  • "I make money, but it's not what I love."
I recently stumbled on the graph below and it definitely explains a lot of these feelings and puts it into context.
This site has the Venn diagram.
  • What you love is either a mission or a passion.
  • What you are good at is either a passion or a profession.
  • What you can be paid for is either a profession or a vocation.
  • What the world needs is either a vocation or a mission.
  • What you love & what the world needs is a mission.
  • What you love & what you are good at is a passion.
We all strive for ikigai, but most will not find it. However, if you find a vocation or professionduring your years working for financial independence, then you can focus on either a passion or mission, since you do not need anyone to pay for it. Effectively, you have created your own ikigai, over a lifetime, rather than simultaneously.
If you had a profession during your earning years, you will likely be searching for a mission later. If you had a vocation during your earning years, you will likely search for a passion later.
As a CPA (working in finance), I'm squarely in the profession category. The world doesn't, really, need us, I'm good at it, I get paid for it. I do love parts of it. There are days when I feel, "satisfaction, but a feeling of uselessness" on the days I love it. Other days, I feel, "comfortable, but a feeling of emptiness" when I'm doing work the world needs, but I don't love. Therefore, I'm constantly searching for a mission. I know what I want to do post-career, that will negate these feelings.
I can't speak to the software engineers here, but I imagine, you're in the section between profession & vocation in terms of feelings. Depending on where you work, you may even be between the mission & vocation. Therefore, you're likely searching for the passion, post-career.

Sweet, gentle birdsong
Marvelous collection of vintage photographs of celebrities by Allan Tannenbaum   
More wonderful vintage photographs

Ken Schles: Invisible City

SchuhmachergäรŸchen, Riquethaus. Leipzig, East Germany. 1980.
NY Lens presents “One Wall, Two Germanys

More vintage pics of celebs, many taken in the 1980s
Jodie Foster


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