Thursday, April 19, 2018

April 19th 2018, feeling amused and philosophical

Mesmerizing and fun.
A fabulous culture mashup and intergenerational mashup in one. Japanese high school kids dressing up like their middle aged mothers (in short haired permanent hairstyle wigs and 1980s fashions) and dancing to 1980s songs.

Brilliant choreography.
2015, choreography by akane

1980s Aerobics style costumes, 2016, Tokyo Metropolitan Komae High School

Viral dance crazes highlight a generational shift

Leading the charge is a dance troupe from Tomioka High School in Sakai, Osaka. The Tomioka Dance Club first caught the public’s attention when they won second place at Dance Stadium, a national high school dance competition, in August.
The troupe’s hilarious routine was a throwback to Japan’s bubble era of the ’80s, featuring teenagers sporting brightly colored shoulder-padded suit jackets and wildly teased hair held aloft with copious amounts of hair spray, all dancing to Yoko Oginome’s 1985 hit “Dancing Hero (Eat You Up).”
YouTube audiences were quick to spot the in-jokes that were incorporated in the exuberant dance moves, with one viewer named Mosa saying, “I was laughing and thinking ‘Wow’ at the same time.”
Celebrities who were referenced in the routine were also quick to respond.
Comedian Nora Hirano, whose catchphrases such as “ottamage” (“I’m shocked”) and “shimo shimo” (a wordplay on the telephone greeting “moshi moshi“) appear in the soundtrack, tweeted her approval and ended her message by saying, “You are sickeningly fantastic.”
Another 2016 one, really coolOsaka Prefecture Tomioka High School

The earliest known photographs of 15 great cities across the world.

A fantastic collection of photographs, called Untamed Borders, taken in Afghanistan and South Asia
Untamed Borders offers bespoke trips and small group tours to some of the most interesting bits of South and Central Asia. We specialise in trips to Afghanistan, Pakistan and North East India.

I want to learn to think clearly and logically, these are important thinking tools:

24 Cognitive Biases

31 logical fallacies

Oxford’s Free Introduction to Philosophy: Stream 41 Lectures

tee hee

Some witty visual mashups by Shusaku Takaoka on Instagram

If Art History Icons Were Hipsters

Who could imagine all the fun and interesting sounds to be made playing around with a magnet?

The making of disposable clay cups in India.

Another video of the making of disposable clay cups in India, used for tea on the train or in shops selling yogurt/curd, desserts of all kinds.The name for these clay cups in Hindi is kulhad/kulhur/kullar.

elegant impermanence, video, one of many wonderful works of art by Duane Keiser
Love the witty, existentially playful gifs by Nicolas Monterrat. Via madamjujujive
Color Therapy

What are we made of?
Honey, we need to reset the view. Again.

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