Wednesday, May 2, 2012

drizzly, chilly May 2nd in Hell's Kitchen

An 86-year-old, real-life Robinson Crusoe

Dog Guards Owner's Bike From Being Stolen

Edible miniature hamburger, fries and drink kit

How to introduce 2 cats to each other

Inspiring. Random person directs rush hour traffic

Such a neat idea. Printing onto a printed page.
By  spottedsparrow
More cool printing on printed paper ideas
By RabbitDogStudio

Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings, op.11

Swapping 'dance partners' in the brain is key to learning

Animated stereoviews of old Japan

"Egret in Rain" 1928; OHARA, Shoson (Koson) (1877-1945)
The embossing technique in the image is called gauffrage
Ohara Koson

Please Don't Put Your Paw Here ! (mixed feelings)

Love playing around on this wallpaper site, ThibautDesign, changing the looks of rooms,

Insane fairground ride

Some great photographs of hippie kids in 1966 - 1967, at crash pads, concerts, on the street San Francisco, I think

An interesting piece of rewriting history:


Fun acapella medley of Disney songs. Quite well done. Gets good after the 2:00 point.

Brilliant show, with video. Really worth watching. Illuminating.:

Marty Kaplan on Big Money’s Effect on Big Media

To see this Cocktails chart full size, right click and open in a new tab or window

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