Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday May 15th 2012

Toy dog massages cat

Waking riding

Stone footprints by Iain Blake

Vulgar illustrations by Russian artist Valeria Barykina

(They remind me a bit of Mad Magazine)
Based on the Kanisza triangle, illusory contours
The Kanizsa Triangle illusion was first described in 1955 by an Italian psychologist named Gaetano Kanizsa. In the illusion, a white equilateral triangle can be seen in the image even though there is not actually a triangle there. The effect is caused by illusory or subject contours.
Gestalt psychologists use this illusion to describe the law of closure, one of the gestalt laws of perceptual organization. According to this principle, objects that are grouped together tend to be seen as being part of a whole. We tend to ignore gaps and perceive the contour lines in order to make the image appear as a cohesive whole.
Think Invisible, pictures that make you think, based on the Kanisza triangle concept.
Beethoven + Booty (not safe for work)

One of my favorite psychologists, Claude Steiner. His book, Scripts People Live is brilliant and very readable.

His website http://www.emotional-literacy.com/

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