Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Early May 2012

Is this awesome or what!? Sexy dancing puppets in Zimbabwe. Love the handcrafted look of the puppets and am amused by their dolls' heads. A sort of surreal touch there. Playfully mischievous.

Fascinating conversation between a white cat and a white dog.
The cat is complaining. The dog listens considerately. The cat is serious.
The dog deflects the cat's anger and issues a quiet warning, then decides to have fun
but acquiesces. The cat sulks. The dog waits.

Beautiful cats leaping in play, slo mo

The strict cat coach

Cat leaps in slo mo. Mission Possible.

Catchy song, enacted by adorable kids. Strangely fascinating.
Gotye, somebody that I used to know

Lovely Irish music, lots of oomph and likable.

from The Jolly Miller's Wife

Oooh, sounds up to par for that malignant narcissist, Stalin.

tl;dr "Dr. Lurie concurred on Friday, telling the conference that poison was in his opinion the most likely immediate cause of Lenin’s death. The most likely perpetrator? Stalin, who saw Lenin as his main obstacle to taking over the Soviet Union and wanted to get rid of him."

Mesmerizing and cute. Amazing girl Slalom

oversize transport, a church on wheels <--cool link, worth clicking

Flamboyant, a lady Gaga of belly dancing of sorts, but no belly, and male. Fun.

Now this is male belly dancing.

Exploring the fabulous Open Library. Wow. Just wow. Go have a look.
Readable online, European Butterflies and moths

Prank, using a girl to spook guests coming to stay in a hotel. More amusing than I expected. 

Nonsuch Palace

Nonsuch Palace was a Tudor royal palace, built by Henry VIII in Surrey, England; it stood from 1538 to 1682–3. Its ruins are in Nonsuch Park.

[edit]Nonsuch Palace in Surrey was perhaps the grandest of Henry VIII's building projects. It was built on the site of Cuddington, near Ewell, the church and village having been destroyed and compensation paid to create a suitable site. Work started on 22 April 1538, the first day of Henry's thirtieth regnal year, and six months after the birth of his son, later Edward VI. Within two months the name 'Nonsuch' appears in the building accounts, so called because it was claimed there was no such palace elsewhere equal to its magnificence. Construction had been substantially carried out by 1541, but it would take several more years to complete. As the Royal Household took possession of vast tracts of surrounding acreage, several major roads were re-routed or by-passed to circumvent what became Nonsuch Great Park.Background

The palace was designed to be a celebration of the power and the grandeur of the Tudor dynasty, built to rival Francis I's Ch√Ęteau de Chambord. Unlike most of Henry's palaces, Nonsuch was not an adaptation of an old building; he chose to build a new palace in this location because it was near to one of his main hunting grounds. The palace cost at least £24,000 (£104 million in 2009[1]) because of its rich ornamentation and is considered a key work in the introduction of elements of Renaissance design to England.

Wow. Now this is amazingly inspiring.
Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!

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