Monday, June 4, 2012

back from Ann Arbor, Diamond Jubilee Day in UK

tea towel from Oliver Bonas' site with lots of buyable fun stuff

The Queen's diamond jubilee preparations - 

in pictures

After addressing her as "Your Majesty" once, it is correct to address the 
Queen of the United Kingdom as "Ma'am" (pronounced to rhyme with "ham") 
for the remainder of a conversation.
from Oliver Bonas' site with lots of buyable fun stuff
British tea culture

The only other Diamond Jubilee celebrated by a British monarch was in 1897 in the reign of Queen Victoria.

In case you didn't know what a Fortnum & Mason picnic hamper is.
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee: 60 years in video

The Making of the Harrods Diamond Jubilee Windows

Diamond Jubilee Colour Guide from Pantone and Leo Burnett

Enough is enough
from the Lydia Leith collection of sick bags for all occasions
astounding surfing skills by Garrett McNamara
Beautiful dexterity with relaxing-stimulating music

an experienced waiter

Okay, is this amazing or what, flower shaped ice cream cones! 
They're from Amorino.
 Such a great idea. According to this site, there are ...44 outlets in France, 
the 2 in England, not to mention the 1 in Belgium, the 7 in Germany, 
the 1 in Austria, as well as the 1 in Italy and 
the 4 in Spain all do the same.
Founded in 2002 by two enterprising Italians (Cristiano and Paolo), Amorino Gelato Al Naturale.

Omg, there is an Amorino shop in NYC!!! Whoo hoo! $6.50 a medium sized cup
 but as many flavors as one wants in one cup. Reviews.
60 University Place at 10th Street. Guess where I'm going tomorrow!?


How the Amorino place looks inside.

Uh oh. Looking up Amorino, I just learned about yet another great gelato place! Grom gelato.  There's one shop at Broadway and 76th Street and another in the West Village, off Sixth Avenue near Bleeker. Yay happy choices.

Cute Armadillo Taking A Bath!

The lines in a Solo red plastic cup have meanings
What fun! "Super Mario World" for Piano and Tap Dance

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