Friday, June 15, 2012

June rambling in NYC, June 2012

Cat tickles dog during cleaning, dog smiles

Cat wants to sing

Happy dog

A crook CEO is called that to his face. Very gratifying.

Funny cat and mouse chase in China, over packed truck vs police

Insanely dangerous driving and road rescue in Tibet

Pete the dog loves to chase, his owner's dry humor is amusing

Naughty - but determined -  rascal.

Interesting experiment: Holding a stranger's hand out of the blue

Ooh, better than expected, Irish dance meets techno music. Fun!

Little dog tries to snuggle up on Great Dane

Dog and baby, giggles ensue

Cat answers phone

5 Self-Destructive Ways People Accidentally Cured Themselves. My fave is the Lightning Strike Miracle (Elderly, blind, hearing impaired, bald geezer goes out in storm to look for his pet chicken, Tuck-Tuck. He gets hit by lightening and gets back sight, hearing AND hair!)

Supercentenarian Study A site that aims to write informative biographies about the oldest people in the world

A duckling feeding koi fish
It's one of my fave videos. Sweet little duckling is much smaller than the fish.
Remember those old Valentines exchanged with classmates in Second Grade?
I loved Jiminy Cricket as a kid. 
Lots to pore over in the cool nostalgia kids' book site
Golden Gems via an excellent MetaFilter post, 

A few pages from "The Story of Old Soho" 1893

Love looking at auction sites, like this one, Live Auctioneers
Oooh, nice desk
Oooh, dinosaur tracks, a fun thing to own.
And things like "an oracle bone" make me think about how difficult it must have once been to make sense of the world before people studied science
my favorite kind of soup spoons with a big bowl for slurping
Oooh pretty blue guilloche silver box

Goes off to google more paintings by MacKenzie Thorpe, some wonderful images of the sky and clouds
Love, Life, Death and Hope 2 

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