Wednesday, June 13, 2012

hither and thither, rainy June afternoon 2012

Aww, look at the face of the little white dog. Very endearing.
Traveling along the Russian Far East
Khabarovsk is a nice city. Clean, with wide streets and sidewalks.
Nice doors

Baroness Park of Monmouth, who died on March 24 aged 88, was one of Britain's most remarkable spies

She liked her tea stirred, not shaken. And this is a delightfully funny story:
On another occasion she was driving a Land Rover when she saw a machete-wielding mob coming towards her. She jumped out, stuck her head under the bonnet and told her potential attackers: "Thank goodness you've come along – I think I have a problem with my carburettor." The men laid down their weapons and offered their assistance.

Just in time for Gay Pride Week in NYCRainbow popsicles!

Pour the red layer into your Dixie cups, to about 1/4” thickness, and freeze for 30 minutes. Add the orange layer, in the same way, and freeze for another 30 minutes. Place the sticks in the center (the two layers should hold them pretty well), pour in the yellow layer, and freeze for another 30 minutes. Add the green, blue, and purple layers in the same fashion. The purple will come very close to the top of the cup, so handle carefully. Allow the popsicles to freeze for 3 hours, though for optimal curing, let them freeze overnight.

500 Movies  you can watch online for free
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Patterns (1956) A Rod Serling story about ruthless striving for power in the executive suite of a large corporation. The stars include Van Heflin, Everett Sloane, and Ed Begley.

Another cool online movie for free, George Orwell's Animal Farm, animated

Powerful, haunting singing.

Brilliant scene from the marvelous movie, Network, that won Beatrice Straight an Oscar for best supporting actress. It was the shortest scene, about 5 minutes, that won an actress an Oscar.

How to Swap Your House With a Stranger

If you scroll down a lovely interview with one of my all time favorite singers/songwriters/musicians, Joan Armatrading. She is delightfully humble, warm, intelligent and likable. I find her songs deep and true. Here she is, utterly direct, simply amazing. Down to Zero.

Here is her Tall In The Saddle. I remember listening to this one high up in the Himalayas on a summer night, on a tiny cassette tape recorder. My mind was blown with its depth, subtlety and sizzling emotions. She's one of my music heroes.

Love those vintage travel posters, for anywhere. Here are a few for India

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