Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Monday October 29th 2012, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

The statue of Liberty weathering the storm today. (A pic from the movie The Day After Tomorrow)

Here in Hell's Kitchen it's a mild October Day, a bit drizzly. Very low barometric pressure so I feel very sleepy.

The view out my window just now.

The real trouble is in the storm surge, the flooding that has already started to occur.

And there's a partially toppled crane at 157 West 57th Street, the gazillionaires building, between Sixth and Seventh Avenue, eight blocks away, that looks like it lost its, er, oomph.

"Damaged, dangling crane atop (for now) 1 57th Street NYC" by Jonathan Wald

HT ....landfall of  now looks to occur around 530p or 6p along the Jersey Shore.

 Damn Its TRUE!12m
East river park. 10:30 am.  

Hurricane Sandy Eyes DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia And New York (PHOTOS, LIVE UPDATES)

AP/The Huffington Post  |  Posted:  Updated: 10/29/2012 2:04 pm EDT
Waves wash over the seawall near high tide at Battery Park in New York, Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, as Hurricane Sandy approaches the East Coast. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

Here is a photo of the flooding on the FDR Drive in New York, courtesy of HuffPost's Mike Ryan

Hurricane Sandy: View From Above 


Here is the 5 am NOAA forecast for :. Storm has strengthened. Its center should arrive in NJ tonight.

John Blondel and Rollo, a white Labrador, were denied access to Central Park.Liz Robbins/The New York TimesJohn Blondel and Rollo, a white Labrador, were denied access to Central Park.
They were crestfallen, whimpering in disbelief. The city’s dogs walked right up to an east side entrance of Central Park, saw the fence and could not fathom why they – and their owners – were not allowed in. For a little wind? Light rain? They had seen worse.
“I may have to carry him away,” said John Blondel, nodding to Rollo, a spry-looking white Labrador who was 10 and a half years old. Rollo decided to engage in a sit-down strike in front of the 79th Street entrance on Fifth Avenue.
Mr. Blondel, 56, who is in the investment management division for Goldman Sachs, had driven from his apartment in the West Village to give Rollo his daily constitution. Later, he would work from home. “This is going to be it for a while,” he said to his friend.
Soon, Rollo was joined by several other dogs dragging their walkers to yet another blocked entrance. “They’re just amazed,” Mr. Blondel said.
When a gust of wind blew an opening in the temporary fencing, Rollo was wise to the opportunity. Mr. Blondel had to pull him back and head to the car.
The city’s parks had been closed since Sunday evening, and the morning scene was an abject one indeed. As joggers dashed by on the slippery, leaf-laden sidewalk adjacent to the park – some took advantage of the empty bus lanes to run in the street – they had to dodge the dogs, who were similarly displaced from their morning routine.


Mr. Bloomberg said that about 3,000 people had come in to city shelters, a tiny percentage of the 370,000 covered under the evacuation order, most of whom are presumably staying elsewhere. Pets are allowed at shelters, and the mayor said that about 70 had been brought in.

Red Hook, Brooklyn is flooded
Via , the view from Red Hook: .

Out at the end of Long Island in Sag Harbor
 Kathryn Menu
Long Wharf in Sag Harbor; 9:24 am, Monday

On Twitter, enjoying the  tweets

Lindsay Lohan renames  Sally, believes thinking positive will overcome the hurricane 

Somebody prayed for less Election coverage, and thus  was born.

It's official! NYSE and Nasdaq will be closed for a second day thanks to Sandy.    

, if we haven't made this clear enough, the Humans of the Eastern Seaboard would like to sacrifice Goldman Sachs to your angry gods.


New Crisis Response maps feature preparedness information for Hurricane Sandy

Google has also launched a NYC-specific version of the map that features evacuation information from NYC Open Data, as well as live webcams and details on emergency shelters.

At least it's not like this yet:

Or this:

Beautiful photo of  in New York

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