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Last day of June 2015

Saul Steinberg. Untitled, 1948.

And have a look at the great Saul Steinberg archive at this Artsy site, here.

Love this vid. A Samoan schoolboy leads the tribal style morning prayer with verve.
The Leonid meteor showers, expected this November 17th
A moral tale of the evils of the pursuit of material wealth the fairy story 'The Heart of Stone' was written by the German poet and author Wilhelm Hauff (1802-1827). 
A Pict woman (a member of an ancient Celtic people from Scotland) stands with a long spear held upright in her left hand, and two long spears held horizontally in her right. She wears only a large ring around her waist, from which a curved sword hangs behind her, and a smaller ring around her neck. Much of her body is painted or tattooed. 
“The women of the Picts above said were no worse for the wars than the men. And were painted after the manner following, having their heads bare, did let their hair flying about their shoulders, were painted with griffon heads, the low parts and thighs with lion faces, or some other beast as it comes best into their fancy. Their breast hath a manner of a half moon, with a great star, and four lesser in both the sides, their paps (nipples) painted in manner of beams of the Sun, and among all this a great lightning star upon their breasts. The saids of some points or beams, and the whole belly as a Sun, the arms, thighs, and legs well-painted, of diverse figures: They did also carry about their necks an iron ring, as the men did, and such a girdle with the great sword hanging, having a pick or a lance in one hand, and two darts in the other.”

At Her Bath
Indian, Pahari, about 1690–1700

Trippy gifs by Kidmograph

The Visual Music Of The Shipibo Tribe Of The Amazon

The Magical Art of the Shipibo People of the Upper Amazon
By Howard G Charing
The Shipibo believe that our state of health, both physical and psychological, is dependent on the balanced union between mind, spirit and body. If an imbalance in this occurs - such as through emotions of envy, hate, anger - this will generate a negative effect on the health of that person. The shaman will re-establish the balance by chanting the icaros, which are the geometric patterns of harmony made manifest in sound, into the body of the person. The shaman in effect transforms the visual code into an acoustic code. A key element in this magical dialogue with the energy which permeates Creation and is embedded in the Shipibo designs, is the work with ayahuasca by the Shipibo shamans or muraya. 
In the deep ayahuasca trance, the ayahuasca reveals to the shaman the luminous geometric patterns of energy. These filaments drift towards the mouth of the shaman where they metamorphose into a chant or icaro. The icaro is a conduit for the patterns of Creation, which then permeate the body of the shaman’s patient, bringing harmony in the form of the geometric patterns which re-balance the patient’s body.

Shipibo Tribe. Textiles. Peruvian Amazon.

Tomás Sánchez
Tomás Sánchez
Tomás Sánchez

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