Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday, Summer Solstice 2015

I found this mesmerizing. The dream of making my own tiny house in the forest.

So interesting this, making a basket from scratch and surviving in the forest.

This is neat too. Making a stone axe.

I love the ferny frondiness of trees with bipinnate leaves.
Chinese Albizia

Trees with bipinnate leaves

Ooh, rainbow hair
Goodbye Eternity, Sigrid Astrup
Black Panther, Toshi Yoshida (1911 - 1995) 

Illustration by Lim Heng Swee.
Peace is Wise by Tamara K. Richel

Image by Dr. Mike Emme, 2013

Tama by Takahashi Shôtei

Harry G. Aberdeen American, active c. 1935 Bicycle, c. 1936 watercolor and graphite on paper

Carlos with a laptop after work, 2010 by Karoliina Paatos

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