Saturday, January 14, 2012

life is good. Saturday January 14th 2012

"To live, that is the rarest thing of all.
Most people just exist, that is all."

A brilliant, passionate, wise and funny kid. Very lovable little rascal,
who may well be a future president or something wonderful. I wish him a long,
fulfilling and happy life. thoughts from a little dude

One of my favorite videos of all time.
A duckling feeding breadcrumbs to carp.
It seems to me to be an example of compassion, generosity, kindness,
communication and trust among different species.

Riusuke Fukahori is a Japanese artist who creates stunning 3D painting-sculptures of goldfish. He builds up the image in layers, in resin. It's unbelievably real looking. Here's a video of him doing his magic thing. Goldfish Salvation.

A handy guide for that difficult moment.
How to Get out of Quicksand

Newstand on Third Avenue and 32nd Street in 1935

baby ocelot

brain frog

armadillo lizard

momonga (I'd like a dozen of these mini Pikachu fluffballs, please)

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