Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guy Laramee's extraordinary book landscapes, Thursday, January 5th

Guy Laramee makes sculptures out of books. Then paints them. (If you right click any image and open in another tab or window, the largest possible resolution will appear.)


Guy Laramée, Deux hermitages

From the Center For Book Arts - “Archaeology I” is an altered book which has been sandblasted to create new topographies and textures. Called into question are: man’s quest for finding his roots, man’s need to map and hold visual reassurance over his surroundings, as well as the way that books lend themselves to these disciplines (cartography, archaeology, and higher learning), and the unity of these fields as a personal and public history.

Laramee (Canadian, 1975 -) draws from many creative disciplines to express himself. His fields include, but are not limited to: instrument construction, sculpture, musical composition, dance, painting, and writing.[1] With such a wide variety of inspirations and outlets, the unfolding interpretations of “Archaeology I” seem to fit the idea of harnessing many mediums to increase the potential for what the viewer can take away.

He also does other work. One of the photographs from his series, The Cloud of Unknowing (one of my favorite books).

The book, Cloud of Unknowing is available to read online, free. It' sublime.

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