Saturday, January 14, 2012

up close and personal, chemicals I used today, January 14th 2012

Yesterday I had an excellent teeth cleaning at the NYU Dental School with superb student dentist,
Jason Brock. $60 bucks for the cleaning and $15 bucks for the "remineralization-fluoride" treatment.

So, today I felt like doing a sort of home spa treatment on my own, which I do a couple of times a year.
This mid-January, cold and windy day seemed like a good time to indulge.
Here's a list of the things I used today.

Routine post thyroid cancer treatment and loss of
my parathyroid gland during the removal of the tumor.
Survival medications of every day:


and Calcitriol

Calcium: Citrate with Magnesium

then all the routine health maintenance vitamins/minerals:
Centrum Silver

Fish oil

Osteo Bi-Flex

Red Yeast Rice

Bee pollen

Then the external home spa:
Nair Lotion for Body and Legs

Nair for face

Then a face scrub

Then a face peel

then soaked my feet in Batherapy

Then a shower, using Rosula face wash for rosacea

Washed my hair

then used a shampoo that makes blonde hair less brassy

then used hair conditioner

Used L'Occitane Lavender soap

Brushed my teeth with Parodontax (my total favorite toothpaste)

then remineralized my teeth with MI Paste, which is also amazing

Out of the shower daubed around my eyes with L'Oreal cream

then Finacea on my face

Then rubbed African Shea butter on my legs

then Hydrogen Peroxide on my toes

then Mediplast on the calluses on my feet

coconut fragranced cream on my arms

After it all a delicious meal of avocado, red onion, olive oil, two fried eggs, bagel, thinly sliced ham, a dollop of Boursin spinach and artichoke artichoke chese and a glass of Constant Comment tea.

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