Tuesday, January 31, 2012

love on the beach fantasy, January 31st 2012

Ok, this is one of my recent favorite awww mixed with tears of laughter videos. A romance between a donkey and a dog on the beach. 
And the dog looks a lot like my late and much loved, little dog, Norbu. 

The First Woman To Go 'Round The World Did It As A Man (Fascinating reading about a botanist, adventurer, French woman, Jeanne, in the 1700's. Loved the tidbit about Bougainvillea.)

Recycled Coke bottle trumpet in Mexico

How to build an igloo - A Boy Among Polar Bears - BBC

Another instant house, this one in Mongolia, The Nomad's Ger,
with cool Tuvan throat singing background music

Cool way to do work 

90's Megamix

This is what a scientist looks like. (Great blog showing that real life scientists do NOT look like the clichéd idea of how a scientist is supposed to look.)

Glass harp final fantasy

A homeless man creates a €1.4billion house

The Best Game Of Tennis Ever?

Oh yay, finally a young person on the hippie hating topic

That amazing building is the Borgund Stave Church in Norway. About 900 years old.

About Borgund Stave. There are quite a few stave churches in Norway. After seeing this amazing building I was curious about the history of Christianity in Norway.
A panoramic view of Borgund Stave

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