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Thursday January 27th 2012

Motion sensitive art by Tim Lewis. This creation, which looks like a glove ostrich, is called Pony.

Even the lowly worm, such a simple sentient being I thought before this, can be an amazing communicator! (I wonder if they have a hundred different words for earth?)
These small, transparent roundworms have a highly evolved language -- they combine chemical fragments to create precise molecular messages that control social behavior
(These worms are called  Caenorhabditis elegans. They must have been named elegant for some good reason.) But where is their brain? Or do they communicate without one? 

Okay, so Eskimos do not really have 100 different words for snow. But this guy made some up. Very funny.

The Eskimos' Hundred Words for Snow

by Phil James

tlapa           powder snow
tlacringit      snow that is crusted on the surface
kayi            drifting snow
tlapat          still snow
klin            remembered snow
naklin          forgotten snow
tlamo           snow that falls in large wet flakes
tlatim          snow that falls in small flakes
tlaslo          snow that falls slowly
tlapinti        snow that falls quickly
kripya          snow that has melted and refrozen
tliyel          snow that has been marked by wolves
tliyelin        snow that has been marked by Eskimos
blotla          blowing snow
pactla          snow that has been packed down
hiryla          snow in beards
wa-ter          melted snow
tlayinq         snow mixed with mud
quinaya         snow mixed with Husky shit
quinyaya        snow mixed with the shit of a lead dog
slimtla         snow that is crusted on top but soft underneath
kriplyana       snow that looks blue in the early morning
puntla          a mouthful of snow because you fibbed
allatla         baked snow
fritla          fried snow
gristla         deep fried snow
MacTla          snow burgers
jatla           snow between your fingers or toes, or in groin-folds
dinliltla       little balls of snow that cling to Husky fur
sulitlana       green snow
mentlana        pink snow
tidtla          snow used for cleaning
ertla           snow used by Eskimo teenagers for exquisite erotic rituals
kriyantli       snow bricks
hahatla         small packages of snow given as gag gifts
semtla          partially melted snow
ontla           snow on objects
intla           snow that has drifted indoors
shlim           slush
warintla        snow used to make Eskimo daiquiris
mextla          snow used to make Eskimo Margaritas
penstla         the idea of snow
mortla          snow mounded on dead bodies
ylaipi          tomorrow's snow
nylaipin        the snows of yesteryear ("neiges d'antan")
pritla          our children's snow
nootlin         snow that doesn't stick
rotlana         quickly accumulating snow
skriniya        snow that never reaches the ground
bluwid          snow that's shaken down from objects in the wind
tlanid          snow that's shaken down and then mixes with sky-falling snow
ever-tla        a spirit made from mashed fermented snow,
  popular among Eskimo men
talini          snow angels
priyakli        snow that looks like it's falling upward
chiup           snow that makes halos
blontla         snow that's shaken off in the mudroom
tlalman         snow sold to German tourists
tlalam          snow sold to American tourists
tlanip          snow sold to Japanese tourists
protla          snow packed around caribou meat
attla           snow that as it falls seems to create nice pictures
  in the air
sotla           snow sparkling with sunlight
tlun            snow sparkling with moonlight
astrila         snow sparkling with starlight
clim            snow sparkling with flashlight or headlight
tlapi           summer snow
krikaya         snow mixed with breath
ashtla          expected snow that's wagered on (depth, size of flakes)
huantla         special snow rolled into "snow reefers" and smoked
  by wild Eskimo youth
tla-na-na       snow mixed with the sound of old rock and roll
  from a portable radio
depptla         a small snowball, preserved in Lucite, that had been handled
  by Johnny Depp
trinkyi         first snow of the year
tronkyin        last snow of the year
shiya           snow at dawn
katiyana        night snow
tlinro          snow vapor
nyik            snow with flakes of widely varying size
ragnitla        two snowfalls at once, creating moire patterns
akitla          snow falling on water
privtla         snow melting in the spring rain
chahatlin       snow that makes a sizzling sound as it falls on water
hootlin         snow that makes a hissing sound as the
  individual flakes brush
geltla          snow dollars
briktla         good building snow
striktla        snow that's no good for building
erolinyat       snow drifts containing the imprint of crazy lovers
chachat         swirling snow that drives you nuts
krotla          snow that blinds you
tlarin          snow that can be sculpted into the delicate corsages
  Eskimo girls pin to their whale parkas at prom time
motla           snow in the mouth
sotla           snow in the south
maxtla          snow that hides the whole village
tlayopi         snow drifts you fall into and die
truyi           avalanche of snow
tlapripta       snow that burns your scalp and eyelids
carpitla        snow glazed with ice
tla             ordinary snow

Lips of Babel - multilingual tongue twisters in lipstick

Awwww. Smitty must watch Marmaduke

Intense, funny, cat peekaboo

Whoa. Ready for something REALLY trippy!?
Stare at the center for 20 seconds, then look away. 
Ooooooooh. The world is all wavvvvvy.

Right on doll protestors! Occupy Barnaul, Siberia!
Police in Siberia are going nuts over dolls being used to protest. Dolls.

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Police in Siberian city ask prosecutors to investigate legality of protest involving display of toy figures holding miniature placards

Enjoyed this Reddit thread: I understand how mass is converted into energy (nuclear bomb), but how is energy converted into matter? 

a little kid holding a little kid

As a Buckyballs (ooh, new Buckycubes!) fanatic I loved this vid
How to make an EXPLODING Zen Magnet Top

One of my fave vids, love the graphics and amazing song/singing

A 96-year-old Samuel J. Seymour appeared on the TV game show I've Got A Secret in 1956 with a doozy of a secret. At age five, he witnessed the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and still managed to stay away from cigarettes.

Okay, when I was a kid, growing up in Jamaica (age 4-1/2 to almost 9 years old), I started to get a Jamaican accent. The ex-momster was terrified I'd sound like a local, so she bullied me daily into AR-TIC-U-LAT-ING each consonant, each damn syllable, until I ended up sounding like frikking Mary Poppins or some ridiculous version of Mrs. Doubtfire. But anyway, I came across this vid and this is what I suppose I would have sounded like, if I'd stayed in Jamaica and not come to NYC in 1962, because not only all the black people I knew in Jamaica sounded like this but almost all the white people too.

It's from this cool collection: 4 Eco-Friendly Inventions You May Not Know Exist

Ultra Mapping. Fascinating graphics. Way cool for map lovers.

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